sanding, sanding, and more sanding
working on the bathroom

more bashing

The second story room on the left is too big for a bathroom, so I was going to make two bedrooms upstairs and leave the house without a bathroom...but I find a house without a bathroom odd, so I added a wall that splits one room in half, to add a small bathroom.  I'll put a child's room with a twin size bed in the now smaller bedroom.

Because I'm leaving the natural wood finish on all of the interior walls I needed to make the new wall out of the same wood.  There was enough leftover on the bottom of a couple of the kit sheets to do it, but not enough to do it in one piece.  I hung a picture over the seam on one side of the wall, and will place a dresser on the other wall to cover that seam.  In the bathroom the open doors cover the seam on one side, but the other seam I'm leaving as is.  The only way anyone can see it is if they get their eyeball right up to the outside window, looking in...I don't think anyone will.

I almost, but not quite, got the new door centered to the window in the bathroom.  I don't think anyone but myself will notice it's not perfect.  I used one of the pieces of door trim that was supposed to go downstairs on the bedroom side of the new doorway, so that it is one solid piece.  I cut more leftover from the kit to make trim for the back side of the new door and for the doorway downstairs that sits behind the staircase, because nobody will be able to see that the trim there is made of three pieces of wood instead of one.

Now I just have to remember to finish the bathroom before I put the roof on, since I won't be able to get my hands in there afterward.



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Sounds like a good time to write a note on the roof piece: bathroom first :] I like your solution...must have a bathroom!

Mariarita Minimariba

Wow!! your blog is very interesting! beautiful jobs!
Mini kiss

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