think sink
quick lunch hour fix

I like my sink

The sink is finished, and I really like it.

DSCF0005 DSCF0007

I painted and sanded the basin two or three more times but it wasn't looking any different after each coat, so I gave up on making it smoother and glued the taps on.  Then I remembered I forgot to put a coat of gloss varnish on, so I had to tape off the taps and work around them, which I expected to be a pain but was actually helpful, since it gave me something to hold on to. 

I couldn't find my gloss varnish anywhere, so I ended up mixing glazing medium with some white paint.  It gave the basin a nicer, deeper, shine, and because it's a little bit thicker it made the sink smoother.  Sometimes stuff just works out. 

DSCF0001 DSCF0008

The cupboards have looked a little flat to me ever since I painted them.  I didn't want to make them shiny, just give them some sense of...of...uh...I don't know...just not flat.  I was going to buy some furniture wax at the hardware store, but they only sell it in big tins, and it's ten dollars a tin...forget that.  I used some beeswax I already have to cover the cupboards, then I distressed the edges a bit to make the kitchen look lived in.  The smooth paste of furniture wax would have been a lot easier to apply than the hard stick of beeswax was...but not ten dollars easier.

You can't see the sheen of the sink or the new texture of the cabinets in the photos, you'll just have to trust me when I tell you that it looks very nice.


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I like your sink too. I can't see the pipe underneath the sink in the picture of the kitchen, is it just because the leg of the sink is in the way, or is it tucked up underneath?


Shoot, you're right. I want the pipe to be seen, or else what's the point of having it there. I'll have to see if I can lower it and bring it a bit further forward.


I like the sink! I especially love the pipe, so I agree you should play around with it and see if you can bring it up.


I cannot believe this was in the "creme de la creme" etsy e-mail.

Also creepy, looking at my analytics today noticed that one of the search engine queries that led some sad bastard to my blog was "hot step-daughter".


Ugh, that's hideous.

Hot step-daughter...that is creepy.


I love the sink - would have that in my kitchen or bathroom!
Keen eye, Anna!
Maybe a toothpick extension, painted silver, would help?

"Babette is playfully avant garde, mixing stripes and feathers with crystals, horns and turquoise. She's a creature of the party, where she plays the star. "

Nope - Babette is a tard to let anyone put that monstrosity on her head for a photo shoot - I can see horns and feathers together, I guess, though no creature on earth really sports both, but the fur with the horns is icky, and all of the colors flying off in every direction is just bad!
Now I want to make one and make it look good.

Hot step-daughter! I would say "what the hell is wrong with men???", but there are too many female teachers having sex with their students anymore for me to think it's just men.
How can you want to have sex with someone who is young enough to be your child or grandchild?

Johnny Rotten is a year younger than me, and I still feel funny about that when I think about it.
But he's got that killer brain in his purty skull, so I'm keeping him!

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