the trailer for the next Doctor Who special is out, but there's no air date yet...

second pumpkin done

DSCF0002I took them both over to my parent's house today...they think they're gorgeous.  Mom and Dad are biased, I know, but I soaked it up anyway.

DSCF0003 that I've got the easy part done, Susan, you have to do the hard part.  You have to decide which one goes to live at your house and which one stays here with me.



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Ohhhhh... that's a terrible decision to have to make!!

I like the tombstones so much, but have loved Mz Crowe since you started making her and love her spooky setting!
She really feels like Fall to me, with her corn stalks and pumpkin patch.

But the tombstones make such a wicked cemetery...

Can I think about it for a day or two?


And it isn't because your Mom and Dad are biased, though they would have to be - your art pieces are amazing!


Of course you can take time to think about it.


I kept thinking about Mz Crowe all day yesterday...



Leaning toward the second one, are you?
Let me know when you make up your mind.


Okay, it's as made up as it ever gets... Mz Crowe, please!


I have a link for the two of you. I got it this morning and it totally made me think of you.


That's a cool link, Melinda, thanks!

Mz. Crowe will be on her way to you shortly, Susan. And, I must say, I'm glad I get to keep the cemetery, because I like that one the best. I had already decided that if you had picked the cemetery I was going to have to make another one for me.


Oh Melinda!! I gasped when I saw the labels - I NEED labels for old bottles I have and have had so much trouble finding good ones, and those are perfect!!
Life just gets better and better - thank you!

And Mz Crowe - I have admired her since you started her last year. I will be so happy to have her displayed! Now I have to get my butt in gear and make something for you, since you aren't going to count the scary picture...

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