I’m back

I’m afraid this is a rather lackluster post...no pictures of anything I’m working on.  I’ve got a new (another new) job.  The one I took last March, which sounded like a dream job, was absolutely horrible.  I started looking for another almost immediately, and after an interview a week for six months, I selected another.  I am now working in the corporate finance department of my regional health care system; I’ve been there two months now, and love it.  The pay is less than I was making, but the responsibilities are significantly less, my coworkers are warm and inviting, and I appreciate, and am grateful for, the difference.

Today I started a massive studio clean out/clean up project.  I am giving myself a month to get it done, then will participate in next year’s Creatin’ Contest.  

I owe you a post or two regarding my home improvement projects.  I’m not sure if anyone remembers, or cares, but it seems something incomplete to me, so I’ll finish.  I have to login to an old computer to find the pictures, but I’ll set a goal to get that done before the end of the year. 

 One last note...I haven’t been commenting on most of your blog posts the last year or two, but I have been reading.  Blogger blogs don’t seem to like my Apple devices.

 I’ve been  posting on Instagram regularly during my blogging absence, as it’s quick and easy, but it lacks the text that is our connection.  I hope to do better next year. 

Peapod part two

I botched the build a little bit, but thankfully not so much so that it can't be salvaged.  

I was so attentive to gluing the ends of the planks to the stems cleanly that I didn't pay enough attention to the middle of the form.  I realized about four planks later that I was not flush, and the only thing I could think to do to get back on course was to flip the planks on their sides to make loose contact with the form.

Once I got to the relatively flat bottom of the boat I flipped them back to the correct position.


Hopefully once I've finished sanding I'll have a boat shape made of wood, and that's all that counts.

I didn't take a picture before I started sanding the outside, which is going to be insanely more difficult because of the plank flip.  I had to stop sanding because I was making a dust storm in the air in the house; once it warms up outside I'll resume work in the garage.


I dread having to sand the inside.  I suspect I will need to glue additional stripwood or quarter round into the deepest steps so that I don't sand through the hull.  Or perhaps a combination of  sanding the highs and wood filler in the lows would be better.  I'll decide once I get the exterior sanded and can remove it from the form.


Notre Dame

There have been many horrific catastrophes throughout my lifetime. None have touched me as I was touched this morning, watching, on the TV news, Notre Dame de Paris in flames. 

 I believe that the me of 10 years ago would have acknowledged  that it is a building of historic and cultural significance, but that it is just a building. However, nine years ago I visited Paris and laid my hands upon her walls. I have stood in the light shining through the rose windows. Today I am in tears.

 I am not a spiritual person. When I visited Notre Dame, which was the most magnificent work of art I think I will ever experience,  I touched my hands to her stones and felt love pour into me. I felt the love of craftsman who toiled with care for centuries to make her beautiful, I felt the love of parishioners, worshipers, visitors. She is truly magnificent.

The only thing I have to ask of you is this, don’t underestimate that which is incomprehensible to you.  Have love in your heart.

Catching up

It’s been almost three months since I’ve written a post.  Time flies.  I’ll catch you all up...

I started looking for a new career af the beginning of the year. Most good positions in my area are filled by word-of-mouth, not many are posted. Those jobs that I found posted had a very long list of responsibilities, with a very small salary (like, a quarter more than starting wage at McDonald’s small).   I finally decided that if I had to accept that significant of a cut in pay I would also take a job in line with that, so accepted a position as a cashier at a grocery store.

Fortunately, before I could fill out my new hire paperwork, a word-of-mouth opportunity came my way.   I am now with a company I like, in a position I fit into well.  It’s the same type of work I did at my last job (purchasing and accounts payable) but in a completely different industry,  with different regulations, and using different software, so I’m busy learning all sorts of new things.  It feels good to shift my brain back into gear after a few months off  :)

I’ll be back in my studio soon.