Ester update

It looked, last Friday and Saturday, as if Ester were getting over her cold.  Sunday she was worse, yesterday she was absolutely much snot she was gagging on it every time she had a sneezing fit.  We took her to her doctor, who diagnosed an upper respiratory infection and prescribed an antibiotic.

All she wants to do is lay on me and rest.  Every time I shift she meows in complaint and gives me the evil eye.  She's very cranky when she's sick. 


She is still eating and drinking as usual; she isn't running a fever, and isn't dehydrated.  The doctor says she should be back to her purry self in a week.


I dry fit the double-hung windows on the side of the house, then glued all the windows in place, assuming they'd all be the same depth.


They are not. 



I should have dry fit all of them, so that I could make alterations before I glued them in place.  Now I'll have to add to the depth with them in place.  Ugh.

I am mostly irked at myself for rushing, but am also a little irked at the manufacturer for the inconsistency.

While I'm contemplating a plan of action to adjust the windows I'm working on the closet door.  It's coming along nicely.



Best vacation ever

My best friend Susan and her husband came to visit me for a few days the week of the fourth.  We had a marvelous time. I was too busy watching them enjoy themselves to take many pictures, but I have a few to share.

I took them to the Cherry Festival, shopping in downtown Traverse City, and at Nawbin Beads.  We saw a baseball game, and went hiking at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.  We drove scenic M22 (M22 is to Northern Michigan as Highway 1 is to California) and stopped at Fishtown for a bit...


I took them to the old Northern Michigan Asylum which is now the Village at Grand Traverse Commons, where we took the twilight tour into the steam tunnels and an old building which hasn't been renovated yet.  We also toured the botanical garden now located at the old Asylum's barns.


Gable end





 I spent last week at the office, trying to catch up on paperwork.  I also got a bit of work done on the mini house, I'll post progress pictures tomorrow probably.






new stuffs and vacation

A gift from my new mini friend Deborah, and order fulfillment and gifts from Nancy.



I am on vacation!

Yesterday I took care of odd-and-end spring cleaning tasks that have been niggling away at me.  I feel much brighter now.  Today there is an art fair downtown, then I have some odd-and-end shopping tasks to take care of.  Monday I need to get my studio cleaned (again) at least enough to not trip over things, and dust the last of the mini houses.  Tuesday afternoon my Bestie and her Mr. will be here for the rest of the week!  Wee! 

books and roof

Susan mailed me the burgundy succulents to finish the roof.  She has been making books for her own mini library (two stories, with a spiral staircase, I'm jealous) and said she was putting some in the box.   Some?!?  Holy cow. 


I want a combination of old and new books in my little library.  I think I'm set now on the old ones.  Wow.  I have the bestest bestie.  :D 


The succulents she sent filled in quite a bit of space on the roof and the color is great.  I'll have to fuss with the edges when I trim the roof, but I'm done with the bulk of the planting now.  I'm very pleased with how it turned out.