frustrating cabinetry and a mini-vacation
washer/dryer completed

a little work every day

Yesterday morning I assembled the oven front.  I made it a bit different (taller) than the directions indicated as I wanted to see more of the black acrylic.  I placed the handle on a wee bit crooked, which ticked me off, but there's nothing I can do about it.  Hopefully once the room is put together nobody will notice.

As soon as I got home from the office I started building a washer/dryer from scratch.  I bought the whole dishwasher unit from ELF when I really only needed the front, so that I could use the body for the washer.   I had intended to finish it with aluminum sheet, but Husband led me in a different direction when he handed me the scrap box from his locksmith van to pick a metal ring-thing from to set my acrylic dome in...I've got a lovely pearlescent white paint I'll use instead.



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elizabeth s

Hi Keli! I am certain that your washer/dryer is going to be Perfect!
I am always greatly intrigued by how you put things together because you're so exacting and such a perfectionist when it comes to the little details, that I feel I've really learned a lot after reading your posts! :D



Wow, thank you!

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