more close ups - Greenleaf Spring Fling 2011 Moulin Cerulean
that was a tremendous pain...

the Chantilly

After working every single day on the mill for three months to meet the deadline I got bored quickly when it was finished.

I started on the Chantilly last weekend.  It's nice to be back to my usual half scale after working on the gigantic mill.  I should probably really be finishing the Fairfield, as I'm very close to being done, but I've been working on it forever and am sick of it. 

I'm working slowly on the Chantilly, mostly to revel in not having a deadline.  Right now I'm trying to decide what to do with the attic.


If built according to the instructions the house will have a small attic, too small to do anything with.  My first thought was to leave the attic floor out during the build, so that the second story ceiling goes all the way to the roof...however, the beams that hold the roof up fasten into the attic floor, so I can't do that.  I'm thinking now that I'll cut away all the parts of the floor I don't need, leaving only what is structurally necessary...with a few additional beams to make it asthetically balanced.  I mocked it up with tagboard last night, I think it will work fine.




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I think that a soaring ceiling on the second floor will be great! Wonderful idea!
Your mill is fantastic! So creative! Love the detail!


I'm glad you're doing something just for fun for a while - and why am I thinking "haunted house"??
Oh, because it's July and Halloween is almost here!


Yes, an open ceiling will be wonderful. I hope you can figure out a way to make it work for you. :D I'm still in beach house mode, but I hate to take the villa apart yet. After all that work, I just want to look at it. Maybe I can make accessories and swap things out. Looking forward to your progress!


I can't believe you started another project! Though maybe because I can't seem to finish anything lately. Ordered 13 yards of fabric last I had better finish things up before it gets here!


Yay! I love your mill, but I'm happy to see another 1/2 scale project!

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