happy holidays
dresser re-do

one would think I'd be old enough...

...to know to slow down to look at labels on bottles.  Apparently I'm not.

I grabbed the bottle of Old English from the shelf in the laundry room, oiled all of the unfinished wooden furniture, then realized, when the darker color of something being wet wasn't fading, that the bottle I grabbed was scratch cover...not just oil, but oil with a tint.  Now the walnut and mahogany tables are "dark", like the hutch in my life size dining room...all the different kinds of wood I selected for variety are now the same color.  Sigh....

On the bright side, there are very few furniture kits in half scale, so I'll most likely be making these tables again for the next house...so next time, when I use tung oil instead of scratch cover, they'll be different looking than the ones in this house.

I also puttered around with some odd-and-end painting, started walling in the downstairs bookcase, and worked in the attic yesterday.

The attic walls got three coats of matte varnish, but it didn't decrease the sheen on the walls hardly at all.  I also added a little varnish to the chimney in spots, to give the flat surface a little depth...I'm not sure that was a good idea, but it didn't turn out so bad that it's worth painting over.

I painted and stained most of the attic furniture to make it darker...gloomily somber, hopefully.  I got sidetracked with shadow play in the afternoon, and made a few modifications to the scene that I think turned out well.



I'm still working on it...the bed frame needs to be a darker grey, the bottom of the dragon's jaw is too short and thick, and I need more stuff.  It will all come together eventually.

Before pictures are here , and here.


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The shadow scene is turning out SO well!!
Love his stance with the sword and the angle of the horse - perfect!

And the scene stands out better because of the slight sheen, I think... the light is bouncing, rather than being absorbed.

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