what I bought at the shows part two


Pin setting tweezers, drill bits and Archimedes drill from Smaller Than Life.  I lost the smallest bit in the hotel room already.


Stand mixer and cookbooks from Dorota Mateusiak.


Squirrels, chickadee, and insects from Barbara Meyer.  Garden gnome from Spencer's Nook.  The potted poppy didn't have a name on the receipt.


The wooden toy works!  It was made by Keenderson Miniatures.  Owl was crocheted by Gibson Girl, wooden box from Smaller Than Life, glasses from Dollhouse Isako, and glass decanter from Mini Decorators.


Flower kits from Paula Gilhooley, fabrics from miscellaneous tables.


Painting by Elizabeth Hefley of ERH Gallery, two tone basket by Nancy Wantiez, other baskets from and Mini Mansions and I don't remember who, wooden basket kit from Laser Creations.


The desk was from the bargain table...five bucks!...it needs to be glued and clamped at the bottom.  The gourd is a real gourd, a spinner gourd, grown and finished by Jeanette Utpatel.  I don't remember where I bought the tricycle and bowls.


 Geode, ammonite and snail shell from Lynn O'Shaughnessy.

That's it, that's all my loot.  Not too bad for someone with no shopping list :)

what I bought at the shows part one

I came home from the Bishop Show and the Three Blind Mice Show with some wonderful pieces....


All of the above from D-Tales Miniatures.


Squirrel by Leslie Frick, and rabbit by Weazilla.  The unfinished table didn't have a store name on the receipt.


Fishbowl by Miyuki Kobayashi


Look at that little face!  I named him Scruffy.  He was made by Marie W. Evans.


Boxer shorts by Lucy Iducovich....don't remember where I picked up the other items.


Wright Guide Miniatures always has good stuff.


Dome from Grapevine Miniatures, the rest from a store with no name on the receipt.


Bananas by Orsolya Skulteti, pottery by Jane Graber.  The porcelain house was an estate sale piece, I don't know who the artist is.

Update - Blondie solved the mystery, the assist is Sylvia Mobley.

At the Three Blind Mice show there was a grab bag of minis that I picked up, then put down again, which Lynn then picked up and bought.  I met Lynn in the lobby of our hotel and she kindly let me ride over to the show with her.  We hit it off and chatted the whole time. 

Lynn from Cleveland, if you see this, please email me....there were some little porcelain trees in that grab bag that are a match to this house and I'd love to buy them from you.