upholstery and tablescape

I reupholstered an old green "velvet" chair this morning.

DSCN5507 (2)

I finished the sides and back in black leather.

DSCN5505 (2)

Now I'm working on the layout for the center table.  It's hard to find a good balance between not enough and too much.  I need to make some colored pencils, but we don't have the right size pasta in the pantry, so I'll have to go to the store.

DSCN5503 (2)

Folios and journals


I filled the smaller cabinet with folios, and stuffed one to put on the table.   Once that was done I made up the rest of the journal kits I had on hand.  (Folio and journal kits by Nancy Enge.)

My Nancy box is almost empty now.  I'm left with an echeveria and a yucca kit.

I don't want to permanently place the journals on the bookshelf because I want to play with them later.  I put in an order for enough of Nancy's vertical file holder kits to house them; those I will tape down to the shelves.

The remaining books Susan made have been shelved.  Now I know how much space I have to fill, so it's back to bookmaking.


 Just a thought, Nancy....your journals only fit on the top shelf.  Would you consider a scaled down version to fit the other, inch high, shelves?


Book progress


I filled  the rare book cabinet with books that Susan made and sent me and still have a bunch left over for the big book case.  The smaller cabinet has shorter shelves so I'm going to have to make most of those.   I've made so many books already this week that I need a little break so I pulled my Nancy box down off the shelf. I'm going to play with journals and whatnot today.